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1) Steamboilers of all Operating Pressures
2) Cooling Systems
3) Boilers boiling out and Conservation
4) City/District Heating Systems,Pressurized heating Systems
5) Steam / Water Pipelines
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Palandab Shimi Co.
Palandab Shimi Co. , is the exclusive and sole agent / distributor for the h2o facilities sa / FINEAMIN, water treatment chemicals products in Iran. Palandab Shimi, supplies corrosion & scaling inhibitors chemicals FINEAMIN® for steam boilers and cooling systems; and also we support all technical services for surveying of chemical selection for the systems, trial test and after sale services.Palandab Shimi was established in 2005 .
Corrosion inhibition trought protective polymines
Scale and deposit inhibition,online dispersing action of old deposite
Saving of water,energy and chemical
Improve the efficiency and the life expectancy of your plant
Environment Friendly (no phosphate and hydrazine)
FINEAMIN® is used for the Water Treatment in Industries
Power Plants
Servicing Plants
- Printing Plants
- Incineration Plants
- Gas Turbines with Recovery Boilers
- Condensation Turbines
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- Distillation and Brewery
- Glass manufacturing
- Steel and Casting
- Food Industries
- Steel industries
- Paper and pulp
- Oil & Gas Refineries
- Petrochemicals

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