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FINEAMIN Technology
The FINEAMIN® technology is a patented multi-component cationic surface active mixture of aliphatic film forming polyamines and dispersants containing a blend of alkalizing amines, the formulations components working in a synergistic way to ensure thermal stability and the performance passivation of metal in the entire steam / water cycle.
The formulation is unique in its ability to passivate metal by the formation of a magnetite containing hydrophobic, non wettable barrier protection film on all steam, water side surfaces exposed to electrolyte, preventing corrosion mechanisms and the adherence of deposits. The unequalled metal passivation properties remain the cornerstone of the FINEAMIN® technology. All the FINEAMIN® product formulations are environmentally compatible and under typical industrial dosages are non toxic and posses no threat in handling and effluents sent to drain.
The FINEAMIN® technology is non stoichiometric in dosage and can thus accommodate with normal dosages many of the feed water upsets encountered in industry without negative consequence to capital plant. The FINEAMIN® technology is a viable performance alternative to commonly employed conventional commodity treatments like, hydrazine, ammonia, phosphates, all oxygen scavengers and volatile neutralizing amines, and thus avoids all the limitations known to effect these commodity treatments. The FINEAMIN® technology meets the unique challenges and demands of successful boiler water treatment, namely
Prevention of corrosion in all steam / water sections of plant
1. Prevention of scale and/or deposits – efficiency of heat transfer
2. Ease of application
3. Responsibility to the environment
4. Economics of treatment
5. Technical support and service

A few of the FINEAMIN® technologies benefits to industry are:
Single pack, multi-component products ensures ease of dosing.
Unequalled passivation of entire steam water circuit
FINEAMIN® does not contribute to boiler solids & promotes reduced fuel, water & effluent discharge
On-line cleaning of boilers & cooling towers
FINEAMIN® generates a small amount of acidic degradation products; however the power of alkalization in the first and later stages of condensate easily neutralizes and exceeds the concentration of any weak acids produced.
FINEAMIN® dosages are non-stoichiometric – the ability to handle feed water upsets.
FINEAMIN® is approved for use in circuits that have turbines
FINEAMIN® is non toxic and environmentally compatible FINEAMIN® has been tested as per rules governing chemicals under provisions of OECD and has a maximum toxicity level – LD 50 (rats) of > 2 000 mg/kg. This level is below the limit for substances having minimal toxicity. The formulations are classified as per German DIN standards 1988 (part 4) – suitable for heating of drinking water and exhibit a water class hazard class rating of 0 - 1

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