1) Steamboilers of all Operating Pressures
2) Cooling Systems
3) Boilers boiling out and Conservation
4) City/District Heating Systems,Pressurized heating Systems
5) Steam / Water Pipelines
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Fields of Application
FINEAMIN® is used for the Water Treatment in Industries:
Power Plants:

Gas Turbines with Recovery Boilers
Condensation Turbines
Manufacturing Industries:

Oil&Gas Refineries
Steel industries
Paper and pulp
Steel and Casting
Food Industries
Distillation and Brewery
Glass manufacturing
Servicing Plants:

Printing Plants
Incineration Plants
Construction Industries
City / District Heating systems
FINEAMIN® is used for the Water Treatment in Equipments
1. Steam boilers of all Operating Pressures
Water Tubes Boilers until 210 bar and 560°C, with Turbines
Fire Tubes Boilers
Low pressure Boilers
Mono tube boilers (Benson)
2. Cooling Systems
Open-Circuit systems
Closed-Circuit systems
3. Boilers boiling out and Conservation
4. City/District Heating Systems, Pressurized heating Systems, heating Systems
5. Steam / Water Pipelines

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